Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gratitude: Part-Time-Job-What I'm thankful for on Saturday, September 12th of 2009

Today, I started the day with my laundry-cleaning my bed sheets (with the electric washing machine). I'm thankful for "little technology" like this, where I know in some parts of the world this is a "luxury". I then had to go to work (part-time job) for my 10a-4pm shift, which my boss was "desperate" for someone to fill-in this weekend shift. I'm thankful to just have a part-time job, where I can make some "extra" money. With our current economy, there are folks without a job! In addition, this is a job where it's fun! I was able to take some of my residents out of the group home and get paid to have fun with them. I took a couple of them to this monthly event called "Special Touch"
, which we: did various interactive games, sang some great praise-worship church songs, and visit familiar faces from around the community. It was such a beautiful day, which I would later walk with a resident and our house puppy around the block. Again, as summer comes to an end, I like to take advantage of the "warm" days! I'm so thankful for this part-time job, which I've worked for over 10+ years now! I would end-up coming back to work later in the evening (10p-10am sleep shift-another blessing to get paid to sleep!) to help fill-in a shift for a friend-coworker that had some "family obligations". I spent the evening with a buddy (Chris G.-see post 2 days earlier) transferring our "homemade" video to DVD format-enjoying our soon to be published video on!

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Chris Geiser said...

cool post brother,

I am having fun in Glenwood now. I will be back in Morris tomorrow. I am pumped to help you some more at the school.

Hasta luego