Saturday, February 7, 2015

January 2015

Happy 2015 all! How was 2014 overall for you? Got any goals for the new year? I've asked this question ("Made a new year resolutions?) to many people and the common reply is, "I didn't make one because every time I do one, I never do it". I think many people are afraid to make a "commitment". Are you? I started the new year with day off from my full-time job, but worked the overnight from my part-time job. I didn't mind since it was holiday pay. I took advantage of the time by working on a wedding video I made the previous day. It was too cold outside the first weekend of the year, so I did a lot of indoor "stuff" (e.g. watched MacGyver"). On Sunday (4th), temps got as cold as -39 F (wind chills)!

The next day, I had my evaluation at work and it was good overall. Looking forward to our new Executive Director (Charlie). The cold played a factor to no students on the 7th (Wednesday), which Rollie and I had a great discussion on Philosophy.

On Thursday, I went to see my dermatologist, which I haven't seen for 2+ years as I didn't see any reason. I'm glad I did as he found a growing biopsy mole, which I had it surgically removed right away. I would later get stitches 2 weeks later during MLK! I then went to a co-worker/volunteer from DAC's house to set-up her new flat screen TV. She is a "more mature lady", which she hasn't been much knowledgeable of the new hi technology. I would later go to her house next week as she had some technical troubleshooting issues.

On Saturday (10th), a friend/co-worker invited me to join some friends from his workplace to watch the movie "Hobbit: Battle of the 5 Armies", which inspired and "re" motivated me on the vision of "unity" (Jesus' prayer-> John 17).

I continued my "singing" for the Lord by being inspired this new year to "sing" the "red letters" (words of Jesus) of the Gospel. Here is the 1st of more to come as I plan to do one at a time as time permits..

We had a better turnout of students (ESL & GED) at the local elementary school on the 2nd week (Wednesday 14th) of the year. The weather (20's F) helped a lot compared to last week!

On the 15th (Thursday), it was the first day of fasting as church body for the team we sent out to India. This was the first day I've fasted for a "full-day" in months! I feel bad as I wished I did this more (I've fasted like 3 meals, but not within a day-weekly instead)., which I would end up seeing the "fruits"/good results/blessings (e.g. "breakthrough" that a sister in Christ (Vicki R.) prophecied/encouraged our local church body the following Sunday (18th)! I would hear some "positive" news at the end of the month (27th) at work, which was actually a "break through" (answer to a long prayer). This encouraged me to keep persevering in many of my other long, don't give up!

On Monday (19th)-Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, I had my 1st MLK holiday off for the first time at my workplace. I didn't want to make this day as a "vacation", but a "day of service" that the local campus is encouraging the folks in Morris community to do. I decided to "volunteer" and participate during this annual event-> MLK Day of Service. It was a great time to serve with UMM college students (many from St. Paul) and the rest of the community.

The following day, I joined other "prayer warriors" as we intercede for the team to India and other community requests. After we prayed, one of my brothers in Christ shared about how he thought I was an angel, which I though was a compliment :)-> story

On Wednesday (21st), the Twin Winter Caravan (thanks Oray for taking these pics) came to the local school in Morris, which was the first time since 2 years ago. Last year was cancelled due to a winter storm (Snow Day), so it was good to see my co-worker bring some friends from our workplace. Later in the afternoon, I met with a couple of friends about starting a auto-mechanic business.

The next day (22nd), I went to a one-act play (Sally Wingert, lead actress in ROSE) that I saw "last minute" in the community "Friday Facts". I thought it would be very interesting and it was!I learned more about the history of Israel becoming a state hood and the personal story of one survivor of the Holocaust. I learned something new too, which was the British mandate somehow postponed the formation of the Jewish state. Jews tried to go to Palestine, but were turned down and sent back according to the play.

I did my once a month visit to the Cities on Friday (23rd) since it was my weekend off from my pt-overnight job. I had a great time spending with family (e.g. shopping with my mom, watching my nephew at swim practice, cheering my niece in her gymnastic competition in Rockford, MN, and celebrating my younger brother's early birthday at Buca's-first time here: Spaghetti Meatball Dish for 2-more like 4! ).

On the 28th (Wednesday), we celebrated the last day of class for one of our students (Coco) from China. She was here for 6 months and will be transferring to Waseca, Minnesota to continue her student-work agriculture program. We had a great party (e.g. Chinese food-> dumplings.

Since I had to work (every other weekend) at my other job the last weekend of the month, I went to Moose Lake for my every other month visit. It was a beautiful day for travel across Minnesota!