Sunday, August 16, 2015

July 2015

I started the first weekend of July by taking my housemate/renter (Jin) to the Twin Cities (Friday, July 3rd). We took advantage of the various restaurants to choose from by going to my favorite Chinese restaurant (in UofM-TC Dinkytown). When we got to my parents' house in St. Paul, he wanted to go for a walk around the neighborhood, so I decided to go biking. I biked to Target with the little traffic along Suburban Avenue. The following day, I took Jin to the MSP Airport and then came back home to do some biking. I would later help my dad trim an apple tree in the front yard, which he was brave enough to stand on top of a high ladder...again! The next day (Sunday 5th), I went biking around Battle Creek Park and then later took my parents to their favorite hangout spot in the Twin Cities. I had the whole 2nd week of July off from my work (ft-job), but I had to work my pt overnight job. However, I asked a co-worker to work my Sunday overnight job, so I didn't have to get back to Morris till Monday afternoon.

When I arrived in Morris on Monday, I went biking more after biking in St. Paul earlier this morning. I'm trying to get as many miles in this national competition. I continued my project of hauling that "extra-dirt" around the front of my house project. i decided to finish this project I started last Fall after a good report from the local plumbers that my "sewer" pipe should be good after it was cleaned. It was a good week of workout removing dirt from my front yard to around the garage...

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I did an average of 2 hours per day during the week vacation, so I can do other fun activities, such as going to Alexandria with a friend (Chris) to Alexandria to swing some pitches in the batting cage at Casey's Amusement Park..

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We then went to Menards to pick-up more materials for my landscaping project. I put mulch along the side of my house. Since I didn't work at all this past week, I decided to help out at the local group homes (pt-job) since they were very "short". I ended up pulling in 54 hours (past over-time) for the next week. It was Prairie Pioneer Days this weekend (10th-12th), which I was able to check the fireworks, parade, and attend one of my favs-Pancake Feed!

ON Monday (13th), I biked again to the WCROC gardens, which has been my nightly bike destination to increase my miles. When I logged in online, I was able to record one of my best ranks (298 place "Locally"-state and 7,400 something "Nationally"-national bike challenge)!

It was a "sad" day at work (ft-job) on Tuesday (14th) as we had to say goodbye to one of the longest co-workers (Lu T.) :(.. We did a farewell party for her as she was my "trainer" back in Avocation since I started back in 2005. The next day (15th), we had an answer to prayer for much needed rain. It was a blessing for the new seeded grass in my front yard after hauling all that dirt.

It was that time of the month for my once a month worship practice for my local church on Thursday (16th), which I would later upload one of my "newest" written songs..

The next day (17th), I took advantage of our Fridays off by doing more (endless) house projects. I pretty much tightened the exterior window frames around my house...

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Then I continued my "old bike" (e.g. ridding of rust) project later in the day. On Saturday (18th), I attended the monthly Real Ministries, which was hosted by my local church. On (21st) Tuesday, I attended a concert in the newest music venue ("Platform"), which a couple friends in different bands performed, which I brought a couple of friends from my workplace.

On Friday (24th), I did my regular 1 1/2 mile run around the local college track. I ran around noonish since the sun was finally out, which is my opportunity to get a more "upper-body" tan. On Sunday (26th), I went to one of my favorite summer events in west-central Minnesota, which was Glenwood's Waterama. My friend Chris and I would later go to Alexandria to drop off a China-set "like" at New Life Church, which a friend shared on facebook the need of donated items for missions and local ministry. I would later find out it was sold to a senior citizen place. Awesome...praise the Lord! Later in the week, I would bike to the WRCROC Gardens for the annual "Horticulture Night".