Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gratitude: May 2013

The 1st day of the month started with NO snow, unlike the Twin Cities (they got 6-9 inches of snow)! I went to a fitness class called H.I.T on the 2nd day. On the 3rd, there was a community fundraiser for Lazos (Spanish-speaking community organization that helps fund activities to build integration),which was help at a local church...

MorrisStuff's Lazos Annual Fundraiser 2013 album on Photobucket

I did a one-day trip to the cities on the 4th (Saturday) with my housemate to the annual Festival of Nations..

GoodnewsMinnesotaInfo's Festvial of Nations at St Paul Rivercenter 2013 album on Photobucket

At my local church, we had a speaker connected with our church network; shared some encouraging words (e.g. prophecy, praise reports of healing during a recent mission trip to India, etc..) to our local body. It was awesome! After coming home, my housemate's supervisor (Russ G.) and wife (Pauletta) invited us for lunch. They would open-up more to us about their past and testimonies. It's always faith building to hear stories of how God has brought people from their past to now (still challenges, but they have hope)!

Typical Monday (6th)? I had one of those "just in time" (God) moments when I went to the RFC to check-in my workout. I was just getting of work and I arrived at the RFC when a co-worker (from my pt-job) was dealing with a particular "work-challenge". I was able to intervene and my co-worker was very happy of the timing. You just never know when you might be needed in an unexpected circumstances in day to day life! I "try" to remember to ask (prayer) God each morning, "Heavenly Father, show me how I can be used by you"!

The following day, many of the clients from my workplace attended the annual Women of Today Dance at Old #1 South Side. I brought my housemate (Adnan), so he can experience this unique event. It was another eye-opening experience for him as he was able to witness our awesome services we as a community provide for this type of population.

The same day on national news was the finding of 3 young (now adults) missing children in Ohio...Praise the Lord!

On Thursday (9th), my housemates and I hosted the 2nd Annual End of the UMM School Year Picnic, which we held it in our backyard this year. The day after, I realized I need to clean-up my garage, so I did some cleaning (since it was raining outside) and continued to do so on a later date.

On the 11th (Saturday), I went to another UMM Graduation Commencement Ceremony, which was unfortunately indoors due to the windy-chilly spring weather outside. After, I did a small farewell gathering for a friend (Andrew-from the Philippines), who has been working with some agriculture stuff (Ag Reliant) for a little over a year.

On Sunday (12th), it was Mother's Day! I wasn't able to visit "home" (St. Paul), but I did mail my card and gifts in time. I spent this day doing house work (clean attic) and yard work (tilled the garden after a "late" Spring).

I continued my spring cleaning by organizing my garage despite temperatures reaching 80's. However, it was great humid weather to do laundry, which I hung my bed comforters (save electricity without using my dryer). The following day (14th-Tuesday), I celebrated a current ESL student (from Cambodia) with many of her friends (from church, housemates, etc..) at Hancock's "Buddies Bar & Grill". We then had a great fellowship/chatting time at my pastor's house over yummy desserts!

On Thursday, May 16th-I played Cricket for the 1st time this season with many friends from our weekly ESL classes.

During the 3rd weekend of the month, I visited my family in St. Paul as part of my once a month visit. I took my mom to several garage sales on the East Side of St. Paul as a one and one time with my mom since she loves doing this. I then took my car to the shop (Tire Plus) with my dad and miscommunicated the location (Woodbury instead of Maplewood). Despite the error, it was good to just spend time with dad for that short time since he is very busy.

On Monday (20th), I did more basement stuff by painting the utility room, which I decided to do since it was plain sheet rock and I had some extra paint to make it more appealing before my inspection. This day was the first time to actually do the lawn after a late Spring.

The following day, my housemates (Kazu & Adnan) and I were invited to a family's BBQ. They have been volunteering with our ESL classes for almost 2 years now, which our bond has grown. I'm very thankful for their willingness to help in this needed area in our community and it was fun playing cricket with them last week.

I was able to join my 1st practice with the softball team on Thursday (23rd), which I thought my practice of swinging the bat and working out paid off as I feel very confident for this season when it comes to contributing what I can offer. Plus, it would be a great time to hangout with the guys!

At my workplace we celebrated a co-worker's 50th (half-century) Birthday. It was a unique celebration besides our regular snack on treats during break. We each gave a gift to this co-worker throughout the day at different times.

The last (Memorial) weekend of the month (25th), I was able to practice my photography-videography hobby at a friend's wedding (Aisanee & Ed). It was a great time and awesome fellowship with new and former friends. The next day (Sunday the 26th), my housemate (Adnan) and I were invited to go fishing at Perkins Lake (a.k.a "Pomme De Terre"). It was probably the most successful fishing experience I had in terms of quality fishes (I've caught more shoreline with a former housemate many years ago at Lake Minnewaska).