Saturday, July 20, 2013

June 2013

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, so my housemate (Kazu) and I went over to Big Cat Stadium to play baseball with a young kid I “mentor”. Kazu taught him some basic baseball skills, which I thought was a great one to one coaching experience for both. While playing, I had parking issue with the local campus police, which got resolved :). I did more Spring cleaning on the 3rd, which I helped my current housemate move to a new place for the summer months.

On Wednesday (5th), we had our weekly morning PCS Bible Study at Neil & Ruth's house since the office was closed this morning. They hosted us with waffles for breakfast...yummy!

On Thursday (6th), my other housemate (Adnan) and I did some yardwork. The following day, I brought my housemate (Kazu) with me to the Twin Cities for a couple of community celebrations (Japanese Cherry Blossoms Ceremony and Philippine Independence Day Picnic) for the 3-day weekend. On Sunday, a couple of old UMM college friends (Mark & Anna) invited me to their church for a special service (multicultural" worship band called Heart of the City). I had to leave early as I had to pick my housemate (Kazu) to head back to Morris before a 4pm meeting, which we got there 5 minutes before (went through the I-94 one lane traffic by Clearwater).

I finally had the chance to go out to the golf driving range on Monday, June 10th. It was Adnan's 1st time, which we enjoyed the nice weather. The following day, my pastor (Pat) invited me to sit down for supper with an up-coming guest speaker. Since, I'm busy on Wednesdays due to ESL-GED classes and not able to attend the summer Wednesday services, I had the opportunity to chat with this "evangelist". It was very encouraging as it just motivated and equipped me more! On the 12th (Wednesday), some close friends (Aisanne & Ed) invited us "last minute" for a steak dinner, which we had to leave early for our weekly Morris Literacy Project. Then on Thursday (13th), I brought these same friends from the steak dinner to this Open House at Superior Industries. It was cool to see the facilities inside for the 1st time. That same evening, we (Adnan & I) went to the local weekly (Thursdays in June) "Kiwanis Talent Show". I had a former GED student came up to me during the event and opened up about how he's been trying to work to support his family as the "breadmaker" (see family man). It was nice to see him just open up about this as he's trying hard as the family man, which I respect that. After another "short" Talent Show, I went to check on my softball team as I missed the 1st game. They unfortunately lost the 2nd game as I sat on the side to watch them lose 5-18. I was grateful to see my friends (Chris & Adnan) to watch on the stands.

On Flag Day (14th of June), the same friends (Chris and Adnan) joined me on a road trip outside town to nearby Benson to watch their annual marching band parade. After a hot day, it was nice to see the clouds come over to cool it. The next day, Chris & Adnan joined Jeff and I to Moose Lake. We dropped off Jeff first before heading to Duluth

GoodnewsMinnesotaInfo's Duluth Trip 2013 With Adnan and Chris album on Photobucket

It was the Father's Day (16h-Sunday), which I wasn't able to be home in St. Paul to celebrate with my dad. However, I was there the week earlier. I got him a card in the mail with a gift certificate (Red Lobster) and I called him later in the day. After church service (where I was asked by my pastor to "pray" for the men (Hooya-Rise Up!), my housemate cooked another Pakistani rice dish.

Adnan helped with the yard work on Monday (17th) as he's trying to find ways to cut down his rent. The next day (18th), I went to a wake (funeral service) visitation after work. Since it was in Beardsley, I decided to bring Adnan to come along, so we can go on a road trip around that area (e.g. Big Stone). I took him to South Dakota across the border for his first time, so he can say he's been to another state. It was ideal weather as it was sunny and beautiful.

I played both softball games for the 1st time as I went 1-1 (1st game we won 14 to 5) and went 3 for 3 (but lost lost 2nd game ?-2). I was able to play part of the 1st game because the Talent Show ended early, which they were short of a player too. I wasn't really needed since they were winning, but it was fun to play for game this softball season.

I drove Adnan to Fargo to catch a plane to Nevada (visiting Aunt) for the 1st day of Summer after our crazy storm last night. Lots of trees down (see pics-> Summer Storm). On my way back, I saw some crazy storm clouds. When I arrived back to Morris, there was another severe weather threat, so I stayed home as I uploaded pictures from my trip.

The following day, I helped a friend (Ed) work on his car as he replace his old sunroof with another "used" one. I then went to a co-worker's grandson's birthday (1st) party to take pictures at Pomme De Terre Park. The next day (23rd-Sunday), I participated in the "Walk for Life Fundraiser", which I ran a 3K for the 1st in many years. The money went to a good cause, which motivated me to do and finish the race in the hot sweating afternoon (1:30ish start). I finished last placed amongst the 4 runners (younger than me), which just made me "feel out of shape"! It was great exercise! I had a great time of fellowship (e.g. played frisbee with a kid name Levi and others around his age) with others in the community that had the same heart.

With my renter (Adnan) gone, I worked on some house projects (e.g. bathtube siding replaced with a PVC-like material to avoid mold), which was a very productive Tuesday (25th). When Adnan got back on Thursday (27th) from his vacation to the West Coast, I played tennis with him the following day (Friday-28th), which was his 1st. On the last day (Sunday 30th) of the month, I took some friends (Adnan and friend's kids) to Alexandria for my 1st "Annual Viking Band Festival". A friend (ESL student-Olim from Uzbekistan) joined us towards the end of the parade, which I would take him and Adnan for a tour of this beautiful resort city.