Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gratitude: July 2011

I started July with a week vacation from my workplace. I used this time to visit my family and friends in St. Paul. It was July 4th weekend, so it was a "festive" time. The day before the 4th, some of my family and I went to the Mall of America. It was actully my first time at the "new" Nickolodeon Universe (replaced Camp Snoopy)...

I wanted to take advantage of the many community events, so my sister suggested Roseville. Later in the week, I took my mom and nephew (3 years young) to Como Conservatory and Park..

While I was in the cities, I got a discounted haircut (only $5) at a nearby "beauty school" in preparation for photography practice at a former housemate's wedding in Sauk Centre. I learned some new "editing" techniques, which I wished I did when I was at a previous wedding 2 months ago. I love doing this photography..

"Pictures I took between the wedding and reception"

Unfortunately the day right after the wedding, the same place I was doing some photography was hit with "straight-line" (many this summer) winds (just like this past weekend in Glenwood when I took pictures during the "Waterama" parade, which I share down below)! Thank God no one was injured or killed, but just "temporary" damages (e.g. houses and cars) by fallen trees.

I got home just in-time for the weekend festivities in Morris with their annual "Prairie Pioneer Days", which I came home late Saturday night for the fireworks..

The following day, I took pictures of the parade just almost in front of my house. It was hot, so I kept cool under a shaded tree...

It's been 3 weeks since I played softball, so when I played Tuesday, July 12th I had around at-bat. In fact, I would go hit-less for 4 games in a row. My coach put me the bottom of the batting order. However, I would go on a tear on July 26th after some self-motivation techniques (e.g. watch youtube) as I went 4 for 5. As I write this, I would go 4 for 8 twice (more detail next month) after wards in 2 separate days (2 games each)!

I ended the month with another annual community summer celebration, but this time in a town 35 minutes east here=> Glenwood, Minnesota. I picked-up a friend of mine from his parent's place and we would check out the long 2-hour parade for "Wateram"..

Just like what happened in Sauk Centere, this town was hit with "straight-line" winds. They are currently cleaning-up. Events like these just makes one more thankful to God for and to not take things for granted in life. I know Morris got their share years ago (see Storm 03'). I'm always learning to "not store things" as our time on earth is just "temporary"!