Friday, December 31, 2010

Gratitutde: Sal's 2010 New Year Reflection

Sal's Reflection of 2010


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Picture: My younger brother took this picture at on of the Battle Creek trails in St. Paul, Minnesota on October of 2010

Happy New Year..2011!! Wow, what a year! What did you thought about 2010? Before we enter the "new year", I (Sal) would like to take some time to reflect on God's blessings (share them here) of this past year. We sometimes easily forget what we did each year unless we STOP and think about what happened in our "busy" lives. During these holidays, I like to take advantage of the "break" and share with others "what happened in 2010"..

Some highlights this past year..

Hired some friends from my local church (Morris, MN) to help do the major work or remodeling my basement.
Went to my "first Minnesota Twins game" at Target Field
Joined 3 of my students (ESL) on a 3-day weekend trip to the scenic places around Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Seeing our community opening their resources by starting new weekly church services for the growing "Spanish-speaking" population in making it a better place in "welcoming" them
Got the opportunity to do my passion for teaching ESL at the college I attended at for a week during UMM International Student Orientation. Many of them are from China!!
UMM International Students at the Dragon Boat Races (Meet #2)in Starbuck

Started my "flood-control" external basement project that would last 2 1/2 months

Picture: I am with a friend (Chris T.) from my local church, who was part of the annual homeschool winter play ""Genesis The Story of Creation to the Call of Abram of Ur"" (see more pics) on a "wintry" Friday (December 10th of 2010).

My New Year's Resolution is the same like every past years, which is to be more "Christ-like" (body, soul, and mind) with God's my daily personal relationship (e.g. reading the Bible, prayer, fellowship, praising-worshiping, etc..)..Also, to be more of a "peacemaker" in all situations in my daily surroundings through 2010!

Today (Friday, December 31st of 2010) during my 1 1/2 weeks of "winter break", I decided to write down some "goals" (see purpose-driven life) I've been pondering about this past week. Here are some:

-praying for financial provision to finish my "basement remodeling" (e.g. finished my basement to start renting, get double-pane windows for my living room this summer, finish the north section of insulating my external basement walls, etc...) project (monthly if possible)
-continue helping "reaching out" to the growing "Spanish-speaking" community in Stevens County
-build current and future relationships (family, friends, co-workers, etc.)
-take advantage of the "opportunities" to make "peace-reconciliation" with everybody in every situation
-Give God the glory in "everything" I do (e.g. work, family, leisure, etc..)
-continue teaching what I know and learning in life with others (e.g. niece, nephew, ESL/GED students, Sunday School, etc..) "younger' than me