Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gratitude-Year of 2009 Reflection.... -Saturday, January 2nd of 2010

Happy New Year 2010! Woo hoo! Before I start sharing my personal goals for 2010, I would like to share what I'm very grateful to God for in 2009...rfir

Reflection of 2009


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Picture: Went snowboarding with some friends at Cougar-Tiger Hill in Morris, Minnesota on Sunday, December 20th of 2009

Happy New Year..2010!! Wow, what a year! What did you thought about 2009? Before we enter the "new year", I (Sal) would like to take some time to reflect on God's blessings of this past year. We sometimes easily forget what we did each year unless we STOP and think about what happened in our "busy" lives. During these holidays, I like to take advantage of the "break" and share with others "what happened in 2009"..

Prior to Christmas, I was making a slide show of 2009 for both my workplace (Stevens County D.A.C.) and my family back in St. Paul. I had a great time working on this video slide-show project as it helped me remember the great times this past year..

Attended my brother's birthday party at Lutsen Ski Resort by snowboarding.
It was my first time to visit Whapeton Zoo (Whapeton, Dakota), which some co-workers and I took (drove 1 hour NW from Morris, MN) some "clients" on a beautiful Sunday.
I got a week vacation to do a variety of activities (e.g. Dragon Festival at Lake Phalen and Ramsey County Fair) with family in St. Paul
Went to my first ever Minnesota Viking football training camp in Mankato, Minnesota. I went with a "client" from a group home I work part-time at. Unfortunately, Brett Farve was NOT a Viking...yet!
I joined some of my co-workers and clients to a Minnesota Twins baseball game, which would be my last baseball game at the Metrodome.
Got my ESL (English as a Second Language) Teaching Certificate after a 1-year of online courses through Hamline University (St. Paul, MN)
Went with my brother's family to the annual Hmong New Year at the River Centre in St. Paul
Saw "It's A Wonderful Life" for the first time (theatre presentation first at Glenwood, MN) and "many" great holiday gatherings (e.g. family in St. Paul during the BIG Winter Storm!

Picture: I shared this Human Rights Award with many "unnoticed" volunteers "making a difference" (e.g. working with our fairly large number of "mentally-physically challenged" population, teaching GED & ESL classes to help those in our "challenging" economy, reaching out to those in "lower-income levels", etc..) in the Morris area community, which I received from the City's Human Rights Commission on a "wintry" Tuesday (December 15th of 2009).

My New Year's Resolution is the same like every past years, which is to be more "Christ-like" (body, soul, and mind) with God's my daily personal relationship (e.g. reading the Bible, prayer, fellowship, praising-worshiping, etc..)..Also, to be more of a "peacemaker" in all situations in my daily surroundings through 2010!

Overall, I'm very thankful for God, family, and friends (e.g. new ones I've made this past year)! What were you grateful for in 2009?...