Friday, November 18, 2016

October 2016

We continued our weekly soccer in October, which the weather remained beautiful most of the month. My local college where I graduated had their homecoming, which my friends (Joey & Shannon) came again for another consecutive "countless" year. They weren't able to arrive till later (Friday) due to personal reasons. I picked them up and greeted them at the Student Center after a KUMM (local radio station) concert. Unfortunately, my car wouldn't start. After countless tries with the factory alarm going on late at night (10:45ish pm), the local campus police officer was successfully able to to stop the alarm after I handed him one of my wrenches in my tool box that was in my trunk of my car. I decided to leave my car there and follow the suggestion of the campus officer to replace the battery the next day when there will be daylight. I gave up fixing it after I wasn't successful getting a response via text from friends to help as it was late! My friends ended up calling the Morris Taxi service and I just walked home.

The next day, I got up early to get a new battery and replace it myself as my friend (Tim, the mechanic) still hasn't replied. I carried my new "expensive" battery ($160!, which Tim called it a rip off) via bicycle and was able to fix it. Tim finally came after I put the new battery and was able to drive to my house. Unfortunately, the car shut off as it remained idle in my driveway. It started up again after contacting Tim to check it out again, which we test drove it around town and couldn't diagnose the problem-probably just had to warm the battery more by letting it run.

I was thankful to God that this car was able to start and run, but was still weary it wouldn't start again. I told my friends that my car isn't 100% working, so I suggested them to use their Morris taxi pass the remainder of the weekend of Homecoming if they need a ride. I would later get my car working with no problems...praise the Lord! This car issue came along with other 2 challenges at the time ("comes in 3 saying" :( ). I was already having problems with my desktop computer, which I wouldn't get running for the most of the month of October. I ended up replacing my hard drive with a $300 Samsung solid state drive, which I never heard about until after doing some research. Tim spoke highly about it, so it was actually a blessing to purchase this and haven't had any problems since replacing it sometime the last week of October. It was such a blessing as it got my computer to start quicker and run smoother too! I was able to upload one of the songs I recorded the previous month...

During Homecoming, I was able to see my former mentor (who motivated me to ready my Bible daily) Stu F...

...who I passed by on my bike with my new car battery, but wasn't able to chat as I was going down a small decline. I would meet him at my local church, which we were able to catch-up and share what God has been doing in our lives in this small group fellowship activity during our monthly community "communion" fellowship.

The third "challenge" during the beginning of October was my bike, which I had 2 flats within a week time. I ended up buying a new bike "back" ($70) wheel after taking it to the bike shop (Eul's Hardware), which they suggested me replacing it as the bearings were worn out (probably caused by me going over the curb too many times and my weight was too much for the thin back tire). Fortunately, I got it fixed and was thankful to God for all these challenges to be taken care of....Praise the Lord!

A former co-worker invited me to meet with her friend about this potential business at Old #1 on Tuesday (11th), which ended up being one of those "make money quick" pyramid scheme business. I learned from my mistakes in the past (e.g. Equinox International, Quickstar, Powermall, etc..), so I wasn't able to get tempted by their fancy presentation.

I went to the cities the 3rd weekend (14th-16h) as my renters' younger brother (Saad) needed a ride to the airport early Saturday morning (@6am on the 15th). I took advantage of that weekend doing family time (e.g. watched my niece and nephew during swimming practice). My younger brother invited us (mom, kids, and I) to a spontaneous road trip -Southeastern: Great River Road-Scenic Hwy 61. The weather was cloudy, but still nice and warm to enjoy the beautiful fall colors!

I attended the annual health expo in town , which the local hospital featured a key note speaker that was a former NFL Super Bowl Champion. I shared with him a little how I had some health brain concussion like symptoms too, which I would encourage him via instagram with my blog

We had our annual dance during this time at my workplace on Friday (28th), which I dressed up as a baseball player. I would do my monthly singing with my local church worship team on the 30th. I attended 2 funeral-memorial services on the 29th & 31st, which is always a good time to self-evaluate's ones' own life of purpose , gratefulness, and goal-setting.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

September 2016

I continued the weekly soccer on Thursday (1st). It was Labor Day weekend, so I did the paper route with my workplace on Friday (3rd). I then went home (St. Paul) the next day for the weekend, which I spent family quality time-including my annual time with family (only my mom) at the Minnesota State Fair.

Above is a stuff animal I won after hitting a plate after three throws in this carnival like-game.

I decided to go back to the cities the weekend after as I wanted to check out the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Below is one of the songs I recorded...

I never been to this annual festival as I really didn't have interest when I was growing up until I got older (e.g. culturally appreciative). I invited a couple of friends of mine, which was their first time too.

Fall was coming soon, so I did some house projects (e.g. exterior window boundaries screws got tighten). Also got an oil change.

Personal Mile Record Vlog Pt4

I went to the cities again for the third weekend in a row for a family member's birthday. Great time!

On Tuesday (27th), I went to donate blood

...I ended the month by going to dance my friend (Mark) personally invited me, which I brought Luciano along. We watched a preview of this adoption documentary video (e.g. He Came to Me) he's currently working on. Learning more about my friend's adoption story make me more appreciative of my own blessings (e.g. family). Hope you can check the video out and pray fully consider supporting him with prayer and a financial donation.