Sunday, November 13, 2016

September 2016

I continued the weekly soccer on Thursday (1st). It was Labor Day weekend, so I did the paper route with my workplace on Friday (3rd). I then went home (St. Paul) the next day for the weekend, which I spent family quality time-including my annual time with family (only my mom) at the Minnesota State Fair.

Above is a stuff animal I won after hitting a plate after three throws in this carnival like-game.

I decided to go back to the cities the weekend after as I wanted to check out the Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Below is one of the songs I recorded...

I never been to this annual festival as I really didn't have interest when I was growing up until I got older (e.g. culturally appreciative). I invited a couple of friends of mine, which was their first time too.

Fall was coming soon, so I did some house projects (e.g. exterior window boundaries screws got tighten). Also got an oil change.

Personal Mile Record Vlog Pt4

I went to the cities again for the third weekend in a row for a family member's birthday. Great time!

On Tuesday (27th), I went to donate blood

...I ended the month by going to dance my friend (Mark) personally invited me, which I brought Luciano along. We watched a preview of this adoption documentary video (e.g. He Came to Me) he's currently working on. Learning more about my friend's adoption story make me more appreciative of my own blessings (e.g. family). Hope you can check the video out and pray fully consider supporting him with prayer and a financial donation.

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