Monday, November 23, 2009

Gratitude-2009 Thanksgiving Reflection: Job, Gifts, etc.. -Monday, November 23rd of 2009

Today (Monday, November 23rd 09'), I wanted to share my "early" 2009 Thanksgiving Reflection. I just came home from my job and had a reflection talk with a co-worker about being thankful to just having a job! I hear many stories of folks losing jobs due to the current economic situation, which some are going into poverty or homelessness. One must not take for granted with what they have as you hear/read about these unfortunate stories in our current day. After being "laid" off 2 years ago today at my current job, I feel more compassionate for folks that have lost their jobs as I can "somewhat" relate. I want to do everything that God has blessed me (e.g. education to "teach" others to get their GED through my weekly volunteering with others at the Morris Literacy Project) with to help those in these circumstances. I pray and hope that you can take some time during these "busy" holidays to reflect God's goodness. Also, to not just reflect on this for one day, the holidays, or whenever you feel "blessed" (e.g. your sports team won, saved money from coupons, won something, etc..) ; but show your gratitude (e.g. family, friends, food, clothing, shelter, etc...) "everyday" no matter what circumstances you are in. This can be easily done by helping (e.g. using your "God-given" gifts) others "less fortunate"-whatever God shows you individually! From a recent theme message at my local church the past two weeks, I'm learning from the ones "before us" in the Bible made many mistakes (e.g. jealousy, envy, covet, comparing oneself to others, etc...) we do today. Lastly, I'm very thankful for God giving (through the CROSS His Son-Jesus Christ that we may have life "abundantly" and "eternally". Have a blessed Thanksgiving Day, season, "everyday"!

What are your 2009 Thanksgiving thoughts...