Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gratitude-Thank You Lord..week reflection-Saturday, October 24th of 2009

Today (Saturday, October 24th of 2009) I was to just "Thank You Lord" for answering my recent prayer on a recent forecasted "severe" typhoon in the Philippines. I was reading the weather update last night that it was "sparing the Philippines a third disaster in less than a month. "-GMANews.TV..Halleluah..Praise the Lord!!...


I also want to thank the Lord for other prayers that were answered this past week. I caught a cold when visiting family this past weekend (visited an orchard in Stillwater, Minnesota) despite a beautiful warm day. I "Thank You Lord" for giving me some health wisdom and healing to get better. I'm not 100% recovered, but feel a lot better...just have to keep maintaining my healthy habits!! Also, the weather too in our area (west-central Minnesota) hasn't been friendly (especially for the farmers) as it has been raining a lot. I felt God answered many prayers to prolong the "dryer weather" on Tuesday, which it was forecasted to rain all day beginning early in the morning. It didn't really start till rain in the afternoon (3ish), which shows all of us to keep persevering in prayer!!

What would you like to "Thank You Lord" for this past week, month, season, year, life, etc.?


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gratitude: Minnesota Twins AL Champs-Thankful on October 6th 2009

Woo..hoo! I'm thankful that my Minnesota Twins won the American League Central Division title today!! They beat the Detroit Tigers 6-5 in extra innings (#12)!! I was listening to it on the radio as I was able to do some computer projects. When they interviewed outfielder-Denard Span, he shared how he's thankful to God too! I wasn't surprised as he shared his faith at this annual event at the Metrodome during the summer...

Denard Span talking about his faith

"MN Twins outfielder Denard Span talking about his faith at KTIS '09 Faith and Family Night "

Praise God..Halleluah! Way to give credit to the Creator-Heavenly Father!! May God bless him and the rest of his team in the up-coming AL Wild Card playoffs. Wow, I was wondering when that game was going to end! Great job! Next..the Yankees!

Q: You may not be a "celebrity" or "sports star", but how do you give glory to your God-Heavenly Father-Creator in your everyday work-lifestyle?


Monday, October 5, 2009

Gratitude: Typhoon Diverted-Answer to prayer! Thankful on Monday, October 5th of 2009

Wow, I just want to give you an updated of the many prayers that were circulated around the world for this past weekend typhoon (2nd in a week+) in the Philippines. Many forecasters predicted this was going to be "deadlier" and more "devastating". This probably encouraged folks to "pray more"! Well, I feel it worked and I'm here to share this, so we will not forget God's goodness and grace! Thanks for everybody that prayed and I want to encourage you all to continue to do this. I don't want anybody to go back in living their lives the same "routine" again after this. Instead, I pray that this will encourage you to live your life more "to the fullest" and seek God on how you can do this. Life is very precious and tragedies like this one and others recently (e.g. tsunami that hit Samoa, earthquake that hit Indonesia, etc..) should make all of us "refocus" on how we live our lives (e.g. forgive one another because we don't know when we'll be our turn to leave this place, hug your love ones, don't take our "everyday" God's blessings for granted, etc..)

Please continue to pray for the relief efforts too! Here is one of many...

  • Samaritan's Purse , Franklin Graham

  • " Help Typhoon Victims in Southeast Asia
    Tuesday, September 29, 2009 8:19 PM
    From: "Samaritan's Purse Update from Franklin Graham"
    To: "Mr. Sal Monteagudo"
    Killer Typhoon Batters Southeast Asia

    Dear Friend,

    Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless and in dire need of food, shelter, clean water, and medical care after Typhoon Ketsana ripped across the Philippines and Vietnam. Torrential rains caused massive flooding and landslides that swamped entire communities and killed more than 300 people.

    In Manila, the Philippine capital, the storm dumped about 16 inches of rain—an entire month's worth—in just six hours. Nearly 400,000 people have sought shelter in schools, churches, and other evacuation centers. The typhoon gathered strength as it crossed the South China Sea and inflicted extensive damage to homes and crops when it made landfall in Vietnam.

    I have ministered in these countries many times over the years, and Samaritan's Purse has a strong presence in this region. Our staff and local church partners are working hard to bring desperately needed assistance to storm victims. As caring Christians meet physical needs in the Name of Jesus, we are earning a hearing for the life-changing Gospel. Our response in the coming days is crucial. Without adequate food and other basic necessities, those most vulnerable people-women, children, and the elderly-can quickly fall prey to malnutrition and disease.

    To learn more about this disaster and what we are doing to help, click here.

    Please pray for the victims of this typhoon and for our teams as they share the eternal comfort and hope that we have in Christ.

    We ask for your prayers and your financial support (click here to donate), as we work to meet the growing emergency needs of people in the Philippines and Vietnam.


    Franklin Graham
    President, Samaritan's Purse"

    HELP Hagupit Bagyo Ondoy Typhoon Storm @ Philippines