Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gratitude-Thank You Lord..week reflection-Saturday, October 24th of 2009

Today (Saturday, October 24th of 2009) I was to just "Thank You Lord" for answering my recent prayer on a recent forecasted "severe" typhoon in the Philippines. I was reading the weather update last night that it was "sparing the Philippines a third disaster in less than a month. "-GMANews.TV..Halleluah..Praise the Lord!!...


I also want to thank the Lord for other prayers that were answered this past week. I caught a cold when visiting family this past weekend (visited an orchard in Stillwater, Minnesota) despite a beautiful warm day. I "Thank You Lord" for giving me some health wisdom and healing to get better. I'm not 100% recovered, but feel a lot better...just have to keep maintaining my healthy habits!! Also, the weather too in our area (west-central Minnesota) hasn't been friendly (especially for the farmers) as it has been raining a lot. I felt God answered many prayers to prolong the "dryer weather" on Tuesday, which it was forecasted to rain all day beginning early in the morning. It didn't really start till rain in the afternoon (3ish), which shows all of us to keep persevering in prayer!!

What would you like to "Thank You Lord" for this past week, month, season, year, life, etc.?


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Chris Geiser said...

I want to thank the Lord for the awesome day today on November 4th, it is a wonderful day as far as the weather. I was thinking it was all over back in October and that winter was coming soon, but praise God He has given us some really nice days to enjoy, especially today.

Jesus I pray you would keep the sunshine out for as long as possible. Amen! Blessings to you, dear friend, Sal the Pal.