Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gratitude: Minnesota Twins AL Champs-Thankful on October 6th 2009

Woo..hoo! I'm thankful that my Minnesota Twins won the American League Central Division title today!! They beat the Detroit Tigers 6-5 in extra innings (#12)!! I was listening to it on the radio as I was able to do some computer projects. When they interviewed outfielder-Denard Span, he shared how he's thankful to God too! I wasn't surprised as he shared his faith at this annual event at the Metrodome during the summer...

Denard Span talking about his faith

"MN Twins outfielder Denard Span talking about his faith at KTIS '09 Faith and Family Night "

Praise God..Halleluah! Way to give credit to the Creator-Heavenly Father!! May God bless him and the rest of his team in the up-coming AL Wild Card playoffs. Wow, I was wondering when that game was going to end! Great job! Next..the Yankees!

Q: You may not be a "celebrity" or "sports star", but how do you give glory to your God-Heavenly Father-Creator in your everyday work-lifestyle?


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