Sunday, November 10, 2013

September 2013

I started the month with Labor Day weekend, which was a nice time to "rest" before my full schedule (M-F) started next week. My friends (Ed & Aisanne) invited my housemates and I over for supper on Sunday (1st) as it was great weather. It was a 1/2 day when I and my co-workers went back to work on Tuesday (3rd), but the other 1/2 of the "work day" was our annual inservice training-good refresher course to remind ourselves the "mission" of why we work ("serve our clients and train them to be as independent as they are capable to "succeed" in life-paraphrase). After work, I continued more of the ongoing roof project (put screws on the panels to hold them down).

On Wednesday (4th), I helped out at our weekly ESL-GED classes. My housemates hosted a sushi get-together as a farewell party for my housemate (Adnan) who will be leaving this coming weekend :(. The next day, his supervisor from work invited my housemate (Kazu) and I over for a BBQ potluck with his co-workers. We continued the farewell celebration with a BBQ in our backyard on Friday night (6th). It was excellent weather as we had over 10+ friends over. I did a "Bollywood" music slideshow of some pictures taken to reflect his short 6-month time with us. I took Adnan the following day with more goodbyes and left Morris to the Twin Cities. We met up with his cousin (Manan) as he took a bus all the way from Madison, Wisconsin. He would hang out with us for the weekend (e.g. Rosedale Mall, Holy Land , etc..)

Friends (Adnan & Manan) happy after a great meal (Saturday, September 7th 2013)... more...

After dropping Adnan and Manan (just waited to say good bye) at the MSP International Airport, I went to visit the nearby Fort Snelling State Park for the 1st time...

 photo IMG_1954_zpsf7a8429f.jpg

...It's a great place (when it's open) to visit/park while waiting for folks at the airport (arriving/departing).

On Wednesday (11th), I learned how to fix a bike for the 1st time. My housemate taught me how to replaced my flat tire, which I wished I knew how to do this long ago. If you would like to know yourself, feel free to join our facebook group (Good News Financial), which I started to help friends save and budget their money with everyday life tips.

I spend most of the 2nd week of the month screwing various parts of my metal roof after work. I wanted to get as much done until the missing parts arrived that I ordered last month. It was great weather to do so.

I took a break the 2nd weekend by going to Alexandria with housemates (Jin & Yuu). I had my quarterly inservice teaching training (ESL & GED), so I dropped my housemates off at Walmart as I went to my 3+ hour training. After the training, I picked-up my housemates and then did some "running-around" the town. We 1st went to Ron's Warehouse, but didn't buy much since my housemates already got most of their stuff already shopping this morning at Walmart. We then went to Carlos Creek Winery for the "Grape Stomp". Unfortunately, it was raining and we didn't want to get wet. We decided to just leave, so I took them to the local bowling alley and showed them this "cool" place (e.g. played some games). We decided to head back home in the rain. Along the way, my wheels started to make squealing noises. When I got home, I would realize I would need new brakes. This project would last almost a month! I'm just thankful to God that I didn't have any accidents and this break issue didn't happen in a much longer road trip.

I took one of my newest ESL student (Gaetan from France) to a rock concert with my housemate (Yuu) on Sunday at the campus. It was part of a KUMM (local campus radio) weekend concert.

My brake project started on the 16th and would last till the next month. The 1st phase was getting my front brakes redone (just changed it 2 years ago-> see both 2011 & 2013 pics), which my friend "mechanic" (Ed) told me it was due to the brake system in the engine. I would then do the front brakes a week or so later, which I decided to record the process-> Toyota Corolla 2000 Rear Brake Project

My rear brake project finished by the 20th in time for my every other month or so trip to Moose Lake. I feel this was a God-timing blessing as I got everything done in time before the 21st when I visited a friend in Moose Lake Prison. I brought my housemate (Yuu) with me, which I dropped him off at Crosstown Mall: Scheels, where he would wait for 5+ hours until I got back to St. Cloud. Before leaving, we toured around the city and went to a great Somali Restaurant.

I spent the last full-week of the month finishing my roof ridge project, which I finally found a way to get on the slippery roof (see Equipment for Climbing A Metal Roof) video). I thank God for His protection, which I prayed a lot for wisdom and protection-safety despite having a harness. On Friday (26th), I was able to workout (lift weights) for the 1st time since my wrist injury. It still was in pain, but felling much a lot better. I finished in time before friends came over for 2013 UMM Homecoming Weekend. I spent some time with Shannon battling cancer, who has taught me more about the fragility of how life can be and to not take anything (God's blessings each day) for granted! Please keep him in your prayers for healing!

Talking about healing, my month ended with a great healing service at my local church. See some of God's everyday testimonies=> Good News Thankful-what are you thankful for?