Saturday, August 17, 2019

2019 Year in Reflection


The year started off with some "life challenges" due to my father's health. He had to have a life saving AAA (see Protected: Getting through a family member’s AAA Surgery with Updates ) surgery mid-January...

... I would ended up living at "home" for a month to help out at home during his recovery. I used that time to work on a lot of personal projects too and spent some great quality time with family , so I thought it was a well time spent. I was able to attend my niece's musical concert..

Minnesota: Highland Park's "Scot-A-Palooza" at the North Garden Theater in St. Paul


During my month "break", I worked on an online class to build on to my "Fitness Coach" certificate. I took a class on Senior Fitness (see Fitness: Exercise tips for Seniors

I would apply what I learn with my aging mom to encourage her on exercising and get strong as she battled some health ailments due to aging..

Sit Down Squats w/Encouraging Verses for Mom w/ #healthfitnesslifeguy

I went back to Morris mid February after almost a month of "paid leave time" from my work, which was a blessing. My dad started to slowly get his strength after a month since his AAA surgery, which I was a little more comfortable leaving. I would go with him to drive for the first time in weeks , which I wanted to make sure he was able to do this before I went back to Morris.

Sounds of Blackness at UMMorris (Feb28th19) Pt. 1


It's been a long cold winter season, but we got some temporary heat when the Polynesian Dancers came in March 2nd...

I was inspired by the free workshop they gave prior to their performance to do some different type of drumming on my recent new drum set my co-worker gave me free..

I play in my garage so my renter(s) won't be bothered by me playing in the house. It's cold , but playing on the drums keeps me warm!


This month is a big month for family back in St. Paul as we celebrate my mom and older sister's birthday. My siblings and I went to this "once in a lifetime" event called the "NCAA Final Four" basketball tournament as Minneapolis hosted this year's big event..

We brought my nephew and his cousin to it, which we did various activities at the Minneapolis Convention Center..

The following day, we went to another event called Philippine Day...

I would see a buddy of mine from my high school days, who I keep in touch regularly. It's an annual event, which has been a great time to catch-up with friends I haven't seen for awhile along with spending time with family too.

I would go back home in St. Paul later in the month for "Resurrection Sunday" weekend..

I'm thankful to God everyday for what He did on the cross!


I had the opportunity to take some clients from my ft-job with another co-worker on the 15th to the annual Special Olympics: Track & Field Regional Competition in Moorhead, Minnesota...

This is just one of the perks of my job! :) I would end up coming back here later in the month after taking a renter (Shafiul from Bangladesh) to this area. We would visit Fargo first...


Went to my nephew's baseball tournament with family..

Later in the month, my parents and I went to Como Pavillion in St. Paul to this restaurant along the lake ...


I would later go paddle boarding for the first time within that week during my week vacation through July 4th..

Later in the week during my annual week of July 4th vacation, I went to the St. Paul Saints Baseball Game at their newest stadium for the first time since it opened years ago..

After July 4th, my mom and I would do some karaoke to some favorite "patriotic songs"...

Wahid and I would checkout this annual event in St Paul, which was both of ours first time to attend..

I would visit my sister and her husband in Willmar for supper at a Mexican Restaurant and then went to another baseball game this month...

Dwier Brown ("Field of Dreams" father) at Willmar Stingers Baseball Game


I took Wahid to to this "Taste of India " at the State Capitol Mall Grounds..