Saturday, April 19, 2014

March 2014

I started the month by going to the RFC (Regional Fitness Center) with my housemates (Rai & Yuu) and friend (Ed) playing basketball. Every 1st Saturday of the month, the local fitness center is open for FREE for community members. We took advantage of this day by playing pick-up basketball....

*see Good News Fitness

Jaime would join us in later game, which he would personally invite us afterwards to his presentation at Jane Adams later in the week.

My housemates would join me later in the evening for the community-wide monthly "Real Ministries Worship" at a local church (Hossana Worship Center). It was Rai's first time at a church "like" service, so it was cool to see him experience this event.

The next day, I went to the local indoor skating rink to ice skate my first, only, and last time of this winter season. I "hit" myself for not doing this more during this winter season, but I had a great time. It was fun to see a couple of co-workers (Johnnita & Lori) from my full-time job and other community members I know there...

While ice-staking, I was trying to learn how to skate backwards. This kid (friend's son) started to teach me, which I thought it was very kind and cool of him. He skates for a junior league, so he was pretty good!

On Saturday (8th), I did my every-other-month visit to Moose Lake. It was the "best" weather compared to the past 3 weekends, so it was nice to leave the prairie lands to the forestry part of northeast (e.g. Pine County) Minnesota.

The following day (9th), I went snowboarding with a friend of mine at Andes Tower Hills (Kensington, Minnesota). The weather was so nice (48-50 F) that I didn't even wear my winter jacket, just my workout jacket.

On Wednesday (12th), we had a special guest (Elvira) that presented about Kazakhstan during our weekly ESL-GED classes (Morris Literacy Project).

The following day (Thursday 17th) I participated in the MCC worship team practice as an "observer" in training before I start the next month. I decided to join after my Pastor (Pat) shared the "need" last month. I wasn't sure at time last Fall whether I was going to be around in Morris with my ESL career ambition. It didn't workout, so I stayed and decided to join this church ministry. I'm also looking forward to this involvement will help improve my singing as I've grown a passion for over the years (e.g. took voice lessons years ago). There are many other benefits of joining the worship team, which I'll probably add in future blogs.

ON Friday (14th), I had my every other year "physical exam" for my bus certification. I'm wasn't worried about not passing it, but just the eye-exam part. I've pass the last 3 exams, which I contribute to it to my change of lifestyle and eye patch therapy (I alternate covering my left-right eye almost daily throughout the year). I wanted to make sure I pass this year, so I did a special "fasting" almost a month prior to this exam. I "tried" to avoid any sweets a month prior to my eye exam. I also took this "detoxification" pill a month or so prior to cleanse my body of "toxins". I purposely scheduled it before my birthday, so I can celebrate "a little" after. Well, it paid off as I did pass the eye exam. Praise the Lord!

I started working on my taxes earlier this year after procrastinating last year (finished a day or two before the deadline). It paid off as I did more filing on the 16th (Sunday); Did my 2010-2013 carryover from my basement house projects on the 20th (Thursday). I did this after taking my housemates for supper at the Ranch House for a brunch buffet. It was such a blessed time as many friends from church were there the same time. Part of living in a small town!

On my birthday (18th), there was another snow storm, just like last year! However, it wasn't big enough (only 1" or so actually stayed from the forecast 6"-12" of snow precipitation-uncertain amounts melted) to cancel work unlike last year. We would have another "overestimate" snowfall projection storm on the 27th, which 1-4" that fell melted right away too.

I did my annual birthday tradition of going to the cities during Philippine Day. I brought 2 housemates of mine (Rai from Pakistan & Yuu from Japan) this time to celebrate my 37th birthday with family and friends. I gave them a tour of Downtown St. Paul (e.g. State Capitol) and the surrounding area, which they seem to enjoy. One of my favorite stops was a trip to Mounds Park-Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood, which I was very excited to visit this historic archaeologic spot. Unfortunately, i got too excited where I slipped on hard ice and still feel the impact as I write this to this day (Monday, April 21st 2014). We also visited the other side of the river to downtown Minneapolis (see Foshay Tower Skydeck Pics).

On the last day of the month, I watched a life-touching theatrical performance of the life of "Christy" Huddleston performed at Central Square in Glenwood, Minnesota. I carpooled with a couple (Wayne & Julie) from my local church, which it was great fellowship time to and from Glenwood!