Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gratitude-People in My Life

Do you ever "get tired" of the people around you? I'm sure we all do in some way or form. Why? (e.g. "getting on your nerves") How can we change this "negative" attitude? Have you ever seen the recent anticipated movie..."Shrek 4: Forever After (FINAL CHAPTER)"?...


I just watched it yesterday (Friday, May 28th 2010) and had some deep reflections during, after, and still! I thought of not just my family, but the people (e.g. friends, church, community, co-workers, people that serve you in various ways, etc...) in my life. I'm continuing to learn that many of the people around me were put by God to "mold" me as a "better person". Sometimes, we "need to change" besides the person we "despise". Have you ever look at yourself and think that our "attitudes" toward some "annoying" individuals is because we "have our own issues" too? I "try" to pray and ask God to shape me more "like Him" daily, so I can be a "better" light or ambassador to the people He has put in my life. Also, another tip I just heard through one of my favorite local radio stations (KTIS 98.5 FM-Twin Cities) is to pray for those you "have problems with". God seems to soften your heart too to have more "grace" with that particular individual. Just try it, it has worked with me many times before.

Another similar related tip that I've blogged or written before is about changing your own perspective of people. No matter how much we "might not like" each other, I feel we can take something "positive" (e.g. characteristic) from one another. Instead of dwindling on the "negative" (e.g. personality) of the people "we get tired of", re-thing or change that attitude of that individual by reflecting on the "good".

Just like in the movie, "we won't appreciate what we got until their gone"!

Q: What are you going to do show your appreciation to that person(s) today, tomorrow, everyday??

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