Sunday, December 21, 2014

November 2014

I began the month by putting up my new portable garage, which would take a week to finish (in-time before the early winter). After working on the portable garage (<-feel free to contact me for password to view pics) on the 3rd, I volunteered at Pizza Ranch to help with a fundraiser for our local church's future mission trip to India. Unfortunately, it was on a Monday, which was a very quiet. However, we were very thankful for them giving this opportunity to raise any amount for this cause. I would then return to the Ranch on Thursday (6th) for a joint UMM Alumn-Current Student supper. We were all given a discount (only $5 from our own-pockets) as a motivation to go to this annual event. I joined a couple of friends (Andrew and his dad) that I haven't seen or talked for awhile. It was good catching-up with them. On Friday (7th), I was hoping to finally finish putting the portable garage by strapping the cover that I already put the other day. As I was going to strap it, the wind started to blow hard and it took the whole cover off :(. I was so close too! If I just put one strapped in the right place, it would've held it. Unfortunately, the wind kept blowing and rained a little too, so I gave up! I decided to just work on it the next day. A friend (Matt) that was going to visit the area emailed me that he'll be in town, which I told him I wouldn't be able to meet with him with this portable garage cover dilemma. Matt offered to help, which I took that invitation and decided to "recruit" others to join us to make it a group project.

On early Saturday (8th) morning, I wanted to finish some last-minute fall projects before this impending snow storm. I finished early and I decided to do some prep work of the portable garage cover. Well, I felt God gave me this great idea to use my winter roof shovel poles to slowly gently move the covers-it worked! Praise the Lord! I told my friends that the cover was placed and we can hangout to do something more fun. I would hangout with one of them at a local fast food restaurant for lunch, but he wasn't up to hanging out with the others afterwards. Matt and I ended up getting together with a friend to fellowship instead. It was a great time hanging out! I would later join Matt with a couple of other friends at Bella Cucina to have a great talk and we ended up talking about our faith. It was a great unexpected conversation topic, which would be an endless continual topic and others via facebook.

I would do the finishing touches of the tie-downs of the covers on Sunday as the snow storm was expected the next day. I thank God I finished on time as the next day was a "Snow Day" (no work). I somehow was sick on Monday (10th), so I tried to sleep in a little longer with the day off. I decided to rest and watch a movie online.

On the 15th (Saturday), I attended Real Ministries, which was a great evening of testimonies people shared with the Thanksgiving theme. My housemate (Jin from Korea) would make Filipino Chicken Adobo on Sunday (16th). He asked me to give him some tips as he's really like this particular fish.

I went back into recording music again as I wrote "Shine Your Light for Him" on the 18th (Tuesday).

On Friday (21st), I used one of my vacation days to visit a friend in Moose Lake. The weather (30's and sunny) was considerably "perfect" compared to previous "winter" days the past 2 weeks. The following day (22nd-Saturday), I went to a one day Men's Life fellowship gathering at Hosanna Worship center. It was awesome to hear testimonies of men from the community I've known since living in Morris.

On (Sunday-23rd), I recorded another song called "My Christmas Story", which was my first "rap" song!

Thanksgiving fell on the last weekend of the month, so I went "home" (St. Paul) for the weekend. I was great to visit most of my family (including my Uncle Totoy at a senior citizen apartment residence) as my sister couldn't join us for the first time since she moved "out of town". I was thankful to God for a safe drive home as we had great weather most of the weekend.