Monday, September 28, 2009

Gratitude: Relatives Safety in Recent typhoon in the Philippines-Monday, September 28th of 2009

I'm just thankful that my relatives are "alive" and "safe" with the recent deadly typhoon ("Ondoy") this past weekend in the Philippines. I didn't know how serious ("deadly" and "catastrophic") it was until I read the headline while checking my e-mail this afternoon when I got home from work. When my mom told me that her relatives (dad side unknown yet) are "alive" and "safe", I was very grateful. My mom told me that a couple of our relatives had some "water issues", but I'm just thankful and "bless" (see CNN article down below) they are "ok" as "things can always be replaced, but lives cannot"!

140 die in Philippine storm, toll expected to rise, from Monday, September 28th of 2009
Philippines flood survivors count blessings, from Monday, September 28th of 2009
"...Still, Lim, 28, is counting her blessings. Her power is back on and she believes she can salvage most of her furniture. In addition, people she knows are still searching for missing friends and relatives in the flooding....
The floodwaters were beginning to subside in some areas Monday after a weekend that saw Manila hit with torrential rainfall caused by Typhoon Ketsana, which has since strengthened into a typhoon. Officials said the Philippine capital saw its heaviest rain in more than four decades. The water swallowed whole houses and buses. At least 140 people are dead, officials say...
"Right now the challenge is to find out how many people have actually died and how many people we have to take care of in terms of people who've been displaced," said Richard Gordon, the chairman of the Philippines National Red Cross. He estimated up to 300,000 people have been displaced on the island of Luzon alone...

Philippine Flood Typhoon Ondoy UERMMC footage, September 26, 2009

Please keep the Filipino people in prayer as they are expecting some more rain with the latest forecast.

Any similar stories, prayer requests, etc.. from this typhoon or related "natural disasters" out there?


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