Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gratitude: Teaching and Learning-What I'm thankful for on Monday, September 14th of 2009

I went to Alexandria with my supervisor that oversees the Morris Literacy Project I coordinate in town. We met with other teachers of Adult Basic Education-GED & ESL (English as a Second Language), which we get "equipped" for the new 09'-10' academic school year. It was a blessing to be part of this program where we help "dropouts" get their high school diploma and others learn English as a second language. We sometimes don't realize how we are thankful for the education we have until we meet others that are not as fortunate as us. We might "not" be "smart" as our "next door neighbor" (e.g. co-worker, classmate, family member, etc...), but we are "gifted" in different way. As the Bible states that "we should not compare (measure) our selves with one another" because God created us all unique. Like my previous blog, we all have something to share and we can also learn from each other too. It's a "two way street" in learning when it comes to teaching students. I challenge you to get involve in teaching someone out there what you know because we are all in this together. We can teach everyone and learn from everybody on something "new".

Volunteer with Adult Learners!

"Features volunteers and learners discussing the importance and benefits of adult literacy volunteers."

Q: Have you had any experiences where you were teaching someone and you were also learning from them too?



Anonymous said...

Good one on gratitude and it helps a lot.

Karim - Mind Power

goodnewseverybodycom said...

your welcome! Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment. I was checking your site on "mind power". One of the tips I learned on teaching is getting all of their senses (e.g. audio, visual, mind, body, etc..) working!