Saturday, December 10, 2016

November 2016

I started the month with our monthly worship practice (Thursdays) on the 3rd. I played some soccer after work the week after (10th) as the weather was still "ok". It got really cold, but I braved it with Luciano on Friday (11th) to cheer for our local high school football team in the 1st round of the state playoffs at Alexandria..

Unfortunately, the Morris Alberta-Chokio Area High School football team lost, but it was a hard fought at the end. If they won, they would've played at the newly built U.S. Bank Stadium the week after.

The year is coming to an end quick, so I had to use up some vacation days. I took 3 days off during the 3rd week of November, but gave up one since my workplace was short staff. I plan to make it up by the end of the year. I took advantage of the 1st day off (Monday 14th) by visiting my sister and her boyfriend after visiting a friend in Wadena. Along the way from Wadena, I took a beautiful sunset along Detroit Lakes..


When I got to my sister and boyfriend's house, I would join my sister to a local group fitness class. I ready worked out earlier before this road-trip, so I didn't push myself too hard. We had some supper at the house and I slept a great 8+ hours!

On my way back to Morris, I took some great photos along the way and stopped at Fergus Falls' Walmart to stock-up on some supplies.

I had 2 additional days of the following week before Thanksgiving weekend. I had to go to Alexandria on Monday (21st) for my quarterly teaching training meeting (for Adult Basic Education). I spent most of that day doing some house cleaning and various errands.

For Thanksgiving weekend, I spent the 4 days visiting family and help with house projects (e.g. cleaning ) . We had our annual pot-luck at my younger brother's (family) house. Great time to reflect on God's blessings and to continue that throughout the year. What blessings are you thankful to God for? I'm thankful to God for many of his blessings (life, family, friends, work, and than many gifts/talents/skills to enjoy life and bless others).

During one of my days off, I came up with this parody worship-praise song as a dedication to what's going on in Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation in North Dakota..

"Come & let your Justice fall in this place..."

The last week of the month, I had 2 days off from work, so I spent most of them catch-up on some house "maintenance" projects prior to my every 4 year city inspection as a landlord. I did some painting and making sure all the detectors (smoke & carbon monoxide) were working. I had my inspection on the 30th, which I took a list (e.g. fix leaks in some plumbing) of more projects to do for next month before the deadline (17th of January).

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