Friday, December 13, 2013

October 2013

I continued my car brake project through the 1st week of October, which I'm glad I did this then compared to the current freezing weather (December 13th). During my brake project (2-3 weeks span: THANK YOU-Ed for sacrificing some weekends to work on my car several hours!; Oray, friend/co-worker, for driving me to the junkyard on the 15th for a part that I wasn't able to find and found out I would never need), I rode my bike a lot! It was great exercise, saved a lot of money, less wear and tear of my car as I didn't put much miles, etc... I was hoping to do this as long as I can even though my car would get fix before the "cold" winter hit. The healing "fire" service continued from last Sunday to the 6th. I would pray with people at my workplace that needed healing and my faith built up when I had a couple of friends join me to pray for another friend (UMM student who damaged one of his fingers when he accidentally slammed his car door on it!). I would post this with some pictures from the healing service prior on facebook-private setting, which I just share it with a certain number of people as I continue to do so still today (12 of December) that needs encouragement..praise the Lord!

On the 7th (Monday), I started attending the UMM ESL classes to join some friends that I know after I was about to check out how the weekly ESL classes are like. I started with Level 3, which I was about to visit the other levels. Well, I just grew to like the people here and never had the chance to visit the other levels. I would do this through the whole semester. The on Tuesday (8th), I would attend Jane Adams, which I brought my housemate (Yuu-"Mr. Social Bee") and he would join me a couple to several meetings throughout the semester.

Yuu would end up sharing about his country (e.g. Kobe Beef) in the ESL classes I do the next day (Wednesdays) as we discussed the topic of the recent "holiday"-Colombus Day-who really "discovered" America? (see history).

It was a beautiful Thursday (10th), so a close friend (Chris) and I played some soccer outside on a 74 F sunny afternoon after work. The following day (11th), it was just the opposite-tornado watch with rain. I ended up playing racquetball with my housemate (Yuu) indoors at the local fitness center.

On Sunday (13th), we had a guest speaker (college alumn friend) at church, who is a missionary at Ireland. She shared a very encouraging message about the power of sharing out own testimonies of how God has and continues to change-mold us. The following day, I went to a campus-community event called Soup & Substance: Abuse, which was a great 1+ hour community discussion and to increase the needed awareness of this prevalent "social issue".

On Saturday (19th), some friends (Wenting from China, Yuu, and Kazu) and I went to Alexandria to "hangout". We visited a former student (Olim from Uzbekistan) of mine at the best ethnic Chinese restaurant in Alexandria. Later that evening, we all joined a couple of other friends (Ed & Aisanne) to go bowling back in Morris. We had a great time!

On the 20th (Sunday), I attended a friend/co-worker's benefit fundraiser for his unfortunately deceased wife. I made a tribute video to promote this community event as my way of support. I would later make more videos from the 30 minute interview I did prior for family and friends to see. I'm hoping to more similar interviews like this as time allows.

During the last 2 weeks of October, there was a push for community support of this online contest-"Celebrate My Drive"-to get as much votes to support safe teen driving. The ranking would go up and down, which our community would end-up finishing 3rd place (announced the following month)!

On Friday (25th), my housemate (Yuu) and I attended a bonfire at Pomme De Terre Park, which was the warmest day for the past few days. It reached a high of 62, so it wasn't too bad in the evening. It was great to hangout on a Friday night with the folks of Jane Adams. Earlier, I was able to get a lot of house projects done before the winter season hits. I tilled my garden in preparation for next years planting, which I didn't do last year. Thus, my garden wasn't as productive-just got some tomatoes, but that's about it! :(

On Saturday (26th), I started the day with my local church's men's weekly fellowship, which we are doing the "Stepping-Up" series. For men that need to encourage one another, feel free to join a men's group I started -> Good News Men. I then worked out at the local fitness center, which I would meet a friend (Plamen from Bulgaria) in the community there. That is why I like working out at the fitness center as there are always people there you can "catch-up" with from the community one hasn't seen for awhile -long time. Later in the evening, I would go bowl with the same group like last week. We bowled two games, which I had my highest bowling score ever-161!

I ended the month with a community "shinning for Jesus" activity on Halloween. As the past 4-5+ years, I like to print out bible tracts and paste it on items I hand out to whoever comes to my door to "trick/treat". The past years, I've switched from candy to juices as a "health freak" trying to promote "healthier eating" (see-> Good News Health as anyone is welcome to join our facebook group to educate one another on a more "healthier lifestyle".

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