Sunday, January 22, 2017

December 2016

I started the month with getting the first Friday of the month off. I took advantage of this day by going to Standing Rock Sioux Native Reservation in the Dakotas. I was doubting first of going, but after doing this blog (Neutral Perspective: Dakota Access pipeline project’s Pros & Cons ) from a neutral perspective and getting a lot of "hits'. I wanted to see this whole movement with my own eyes after getting frustrated with the "violence" going on between law enforcement and the "water protectors" (a.k.a. protestors) via social media (many friends on facebook sharing posts on this issue)...

(Picture taken right before leaving Rosebud Camp after three days with

If interested in reading my personal ventures, here is the 1st of 3-> My Personal Adventure Visit to Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Reservation: Day #1 -Friday, December 2nd 2016

I had the 2nd Friday off from work again, which I took this time to install my new "water saver" toilet in the main floor of my rental house I live in. It went pretty well, which I wrote a blog on being "green" and eco friendly as part of my post-Standing Rock action (e.g. Living more of a "green energy saving life" by decreasing the dependency on fossil fuels). I even rode my bike first day going back to work in the mist or light rain.

I had more days off in December as I was trying to use all my vacation days that I didn't use since I like to save them towards the end of the year for "unexpected life" stuff (e.g. vacation to Hawaii 2 years ago). December is a month of many holiday celebrations, so I had a pretty "easy" month work-wise. I'm very blessed and thankful for my job!

On Friday (16th), my friends-co-workers and I went to see the highly anticipated Star Wars Movie: Episode 8-"Rogue 1". I ended up walking there in the cold wintry Friday evening and came early. There wasn't as many people as last year's "Force Awakens". I liked the movie so much that I had to go back on watching the 1st ever made -Episode IV: Star Wars-"New Hope" . I found so many parallels to these movies that I ended up writing a blog-> Movie: Star Wars Series Reflections

My last day at work (full-time job) was on the 22nd as we had the Friday before Christmas Eve off, which was the start of a long 1 1/2 week vacation for both my ft and pt jobs! I used my vacation time for my part-time job, so I can spend a longer time in St. Paul with my my immediate family. I spent some quality time with them and did a lot of fun winter activities:

Went to the Mall of America with my sister and her friend, which we just went "window shopping" and walked the entire 3 1/2 floor (equates to 3 1/2 miles). Then 2 days later, my sister and I took our niece and nephew ice skating at the John Oval Roseville Skating Center...

Fitness: How to teach kids ice skating?
Sal teaching Nephew How to Ice Skate

I bought 4 tickets to see "White Christmas" the musical at the Ordway Theatre in downtown St. Paul. I took my parents and nephew with me, which was a great performance....'s based on one of my favorite Christmas holiday movies, which I loved watching since I was a kid. I ended up recording some songs (karaoke version) from it prior (Music: Karaoke-“White Christmas” by Crazy lil’ Sal ) and after (Music: Karaoke-“Count Your Blessings” by “Crazy lil’ Sal” .

I then went back to Morris early Friday morning as I had to deliver newspapers with clients from my ft-job . I did some errands before going back to St. Paul the next day to bring a friend (Luciano from Brazil) to the airport that same day. When we arrived, we flew his drone behind my parents' home by Battle Creek Middle School. He shared a "live feed" of our time on facebook. My parents were awe about watching the footage as we saw a 360 view up in the air of our neighborhood. My brother took his son and nephew with us to go ice skating at Edina's Centennial Lakes Park ....

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