Monday, May 25, 2015

April 2015

I started the month and first day (April Fools Day) by texting my supervisors that I couldn't come to work because I had "Spring Fever" ;)..The next day, I had a dental appointment after work. We had a guest from the state legislature (Jeff B.) visit our workplace to help "voice" the up-coming human services bill this Spring at the State Capitol.

It was "Resurrection Weekend", which we had "Good" Friday off from work. A "member of the community" died of cancer earlier this week, so I attended her wake service early Friday evening. Then I met with a friend from my local church about a possible "computer business" idea, which has been on my mind for years (unsuccessful results with other past meetings unfortunately)...maybe someday! Afterwards, I attended a special Sedar Meal at our local church, which was hosted by a couple (friends-UMM alumns) from the Willmar area.

The Bitter Herb - Preparing Fresh Horseradish

On Saturday (4th), I wanted to enjoy the "Spring-weather" outside, so I went to play tennis with Chris and then headed to DQ for a treat (once in awhile is "ok").

On Monday (6th), It was my mom's birthday, which I sent her flowers (via online) :) Later in the week (Thursday 9th), I took a drawing class offered by the PRCA, which was my first time to "draw" since my college Art class days. I missed doing this, so I plan on ordering some drawing materials to continue this in the future...

I took a one-day (Sunday 12th) trip to St. Paul to help celebrate both my sister and mom's birthdays together as a family. We took them out to Peking Garden on University Avenue. My sister and her boyfriend (James) would do their favorite geocaching. Then we got together to play ball (baseball and tennis ball) behind our parent's house at the playground we grew-up playing. I then left early to get to Morris before severe Spring storms that were forecast, which I made it most of the way as I went through some slower driving conditions getting to Stevens County. I'm thankful to God for getting me home safely!

On Tuesday (14th), a friend (Dan T.) from my local church has a unique (gave $5 that was donated to the 1st #100 people) evening event of sharing the Good News at the college campus! Contact me for pics and videos if interested!

On Saturday (11th), I participated in the monthly "Toast to the Masters" (speaking workshop) at my local church, which we covered the book of Ephesians.

The 3rd weekend (17th-18th) of April, I attended a regional conference called "One Thing" (IHOPKC) at one of my "local-home" church (Redeeming Love Church) in St. Paul. I would join 7 other friends from my local church family that came there earlier on Friday. Between the conference workshops, I visited home and would do some errands with my parents (e.g. grocery shopping and install a garbage disposal). Later in the evening, I joined my brother's family for a "Point of Grace & Selah Concert" at the Hmong Alliance Church (1st time there), which I would see a UMM Alumn there after the concert. The following day (Sunday 19th), I sung with the worship team at my local church, which a young sister in church shared about her experience visiting Heaven!

On Wednesday (22nd), it was "Earth Day", which my workplace took advantage of this day to recycle a bunch of "old" computers and printers at Mobiz Computers. What did you do for "Earth Day"?

On Friday (24th), I brought a couple of friends from my workplace to a rock concert at Alexandria. We first went to Jimmy Johns (probably my last time there with the NOT so great-looking roast beef sandwhich). Then we headed to downtown for the "packed" concert.

I have many other "praise God" stories to share from the rest of this month, but some are "confidential" due to my line of work. Feel free to contact me for a "general" story! Keep the faith all!

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