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April 2014

We started the 1st day of April "Fools Day" with snow, actually a little "blizzard". Big enough to cause some major drifts to cause this SUV to be stuck..

I found this truck stuck along my drive back home from my 2nd job early Tuesday morning. I thought it belonged to a friend (Tim) of mine, which I would later found out it wasn't after helping shovel some snow. The snow drifts caused a 1 hour "late-start" at my regular job. I was able to catch-up on my computer (pics and vids) project for that 1 hour.

One the 3rd (Thursday), I participated in my 1st MCC (local church) worship team practice. It was fun singing as joining the worship team will be an additive to my personal growth with my Heavenly Father (e.g. after my "Father's heart" as David).

On Saturday (5th), I went with my housemate (Rai) to the annual CNIA Pow Wow at the university. We would meet a couple of former college peers (Ryan & Jen) of mine with their kids. It was great to see UMM alumnus that come visit Morris again.

On Sunday (6th) during church service, I was part of the worship team for the 1st time! I was nervous a little, but when I kept reminding myself I'm singing to my Heavenly Father-my "butterflies" went away!

The following day a friend "out of the blue" came up to me and ask "how do I become a Christian?" (long story on how this came about). I thought it was very "God-timing" with the circumstances prior and during. I shared this (see photo album) as I was trying to find the "basic simplest" explanation. This is the story I emailed to my pastor and youth pastor of my local church..

"Update: 4.7.14

I thought of this share several days after when I was going to go to the local college to watch this movie (Jeremy Lin Story), but I kept telling myself "I wont' go unless I find someone else to join me to watch this". Well, it hit 7:30ish and I decided to stay home. Sometime later, my housemate came home from work. I told him about the movie that was being played. I shared some videos online of this guy's story. My housemate appeared to have a lot in his mind, so I would share with him. Then it led to sharing the Gospel (Salvation) story, which we ended up praying together to "accept Jesus" into his heart. Praise the Lord! Welcome brother Yuu!

I've been "trying" to grow in this more in "waiting/seeking" God's heart..daily for His purpose and His plans


I was motivated after this, so the following day I took a "friend" out to eat to just do some "personal chatting". I've learned to be more of a "listener" as people just "want to be heard" if we just take time. As I write this, I think of two other people in this community I've actually gone out to a "meal" with to just chat. I'm praying that these conversations will go "deeper" to point to God as the source of all these guys' (one of them actually past away, so I encourage one to pray more to "dig" deeper before it's too late :(-just like that song "The Living Years") hope" in their "life-challenges".

Ironically on this topic, the next day, I would read updates of former college alumnus and found out till "now" that a friend/former housemate died last year. I just visited this guy and sent him a video to encourage him after he shared his struggles. I wonder if he could've got this encouraging video much earlier??? ..or if he did?..One of those BIG life questions that I'll probably won't know until I get to Heaven :(...

On Thursday (10th), I went to an event at the local college campus called "Coming to America" (stories of UMM community sharing about their experiences coming to America and abroad). There were many great stories-too many to share here! Those who were there, I'm currently working on putting a photo archive with some video clips I took of this event for future generations to hear. I believe "we" all have a story to share to encourage, inspire, and even entertain others through their current "on-going" challenges as immigrants, refugees, migrants, or anyone traveling abroad to a "new country"-culture.

I went home for Palm Sunday weekend, which was also to celebrate both my sister and mom's birthday. We went to House of Wong (see sample dish) in Roseville, which was my 1st time there. I met James (sis' b/f) adopted dad for the first time, which we had a great lunch-chat with his family and ours.

When I got back from Morris the following day (Monday after a 3-day weekend) my local church needed volunteers with "tearing down" our future church building for remodeling preparations. I was so thankful my housemate (from Pakistan) was willing to work and tear down as he was ok doing this to help pay for his house rent. The following day (Tuesday), when I went to work. Several clients from my workplace told me they missed me even though I was just gone for a! Well, I was very touched by this as I realize my workplace has become like a family already after almost 9 years now.

On Wednesday (16th), we had a snow blizzard, which isn't too a surprise living in Minnesota all my life. Then the following day, Rai and I did more work in the church remodeling project. I had to leave after a short time for worship practice at our temporary location (former Morris Life Care Pregnancy Center office). A lot of the snow that we had yesterday was already melting today with our near "Spring-like" temps.

It was the Easter holiday weekend, which we had "Good Friday" (18th) off. However, I was battling a sore throat. I was able to get a lot of errands (e.g. fax/scan old notes from ministry school back in 1999, upload videos from my vacation back in the Philippines in 2012, etc...) done with the start of my holiday weekend. On Easter "Resurrection" Sunday, my friend/co-worker (Paul) invited over to have supper at his house with his family. It was such a blessing since I couldn't be with my family back in St. Paul for the holidays. Unfortunately, my battle with my sore throat got worse, which I had to call in "sick" for the 1st time this winter on Monday (21st). It was a good time to rest and I watched this interesting "prophecy" video called "Harbinger". The following day, I still wasn't feeling good, but just a "little better". My co-workers told me I should've stayed home, but I didn't want to be gone after a 4-day weekend. I brought some home remedies (e.g. apple vinegar), which I googled to help fight this sore throat. I'm just not a fan of going to the doctors, so I "google" (e.g home remedies) for all my ailments and it seem to help and safe time-money!

On Wednesday (23rd), it was a very eventful day for my housemates. My housemate (Yuu from Japan) had his senior seminar on "tatoos". Then, my other housemate and I went to Subway (despite the latest new on "rubber" made material bread they have, but as long I don't go there often). We didn't have time to go home to make supper as we had to be at the local elementary school for Rai's presentation in our weekly ESL classes. He wanted to get some practice before his actual "real" presentation at the USDA Soils Lab as part of this end of the week farewell. I learned a lot more about "Sunflowers" as that's what was his research project during his 6-month stay.

The next day (24th), I attended the annual "Women of Today Talent Show", which I try to support my co-workers/clients each year. It's very entertaining for whoever I bring too, but there was no one that came with me this year. It was a great time as I took this cool rainbow pic prior to going inside the American Legion to watch.

My last day of the week (25th-Friday) was pretty "easy" as I had to to take clients almost all day to the RFC as I subbed for a co-worker that usually took them. This is part of my job I mostly enjoy :) When I got home it was a beautiful day, so I wanted to take advantage of it and with Rai being around before he leaves. I asked him to hold the ladder as I did some "finishing touches" (caulking) the roof around the sky windows after I found some holes with leaks last summer when we put it up with the metal roof. I'm just hoping this will be good for the future. Time will tell as I don't like climbing the metal "slippery" roof. It took me a long time to figure how to do this late last summer.

For my housemate's (Rai) last full day, I treated him out as my guest at the annual "Taste of Asia" at the local campus. He was supposed to leave on Sunday, but it was postponed due to unusual circumstances. Instead, he left the next day, but very early 2ish in the morning! It was a great experience to meet 3 guys now from Pakistan as it's been very culturally enriching!

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