Sunday, October 6, 2013

July 2013

I started the new month by playing softball, which I went 3 for 4 (1st game-lost 13-14) and 0 for 2 (2nd game won 11-8). During July 4th (Thursday), I started getting all these e-mails, texts, and phone calls about one of my email accounts got hacked :(... I had to quickly change my password by contacting the email account provider while I had friends over for a afternoon BBQ. The following day, I would help a former housemate (Anthony) clean-up his parent's house from last months disasterous storm. It was a great workout and quality time with him and his family. I went to the cities that 1st weekend, which was shorter than previous July 4th week/weekends due to our shorter holiday week due to our snow day make up at my full-time job. When I got back to Morris, I would drive to St. Cloud due to a detour along the interstate. I decided to stop over at the Somolian grocery store there to pick-up some halal foods for my current housemate. I love eating these type of "natural" prepared foods! On Tuesday (9th), I would join some friends from my local church for a summer fun outreach activity based on this book called "Treasure Hunt" (see MCC August Newsletter). On the 11th, we had a heat wave (close to 94 F?), which I was glad that our softball game was in the evening. On our Friday(s) off (12th), I took advantage of it by doing some indoor (clean the base of the washer and dryer in basement) and outdoor (brick sidewalk landscaping adjacent to the garage) work. It was Prairie Pioneer Days weekend, so I went to the Finals of the Talent Show that same evening. However, it would be the only time I would go to the park as it was a busy weekend (rainy on Sunday, so the parade was cancelled for the 1st time I've been going to this annual summer "town" celebration). However, I couldn't refuse the pancake feed, which I enjoyed with some folks after church. The bloodmobile was in town the 17th, which I can't remember them being here during the summer in the past. I went to a Stevens Forward meeting on the 18th, but there was only one other guy. We chatted a little and then left early. On Friday (19th), I would play badminton with my housemate (cousin Manan visiting joined us too) in our new badminton set. We were killing time before our friends (ESL student-Olim and his cousin, both are from Uzbekistan) came over for a Ramandan celebration. The following day, we (Adnan, Manan, Kazu, and I) packed and got ready for our a big road trip to South Dakota...

Day #1 (Sunday, July 21st)-Pitching Our Tent

It would actually rain that evening in our first night, but fortunately it wasn't as big as it was reportedly the previous night (tourist we met at the Badlands told us it hailed!)

Day #2 (Monday, July 22nd)-Visit Mount Rushmore, Keystone, Hill City Train Station/Museum, and Hangout with Kazu's friend

Day #3 (Tuesday, July 23rd)-Visit Dinosaur Museum (Hill City) and Ellsworth Air Force Base
The Museum @ Black Hills Institute of Black Hills..!i=2660097880&k=mrBTGpN

Overall, it was a great trip. I thank God for safe, fun, and blessed 3-day trip vacation! We arrived close to midnight as we turned in the vehicle (rental). I'm thankful for Heartland Chevy Motors for providing great service. My housemates and Manan had a supper to reflect on our trip on the 25th, which he would go home (Madison, Wisconsin) the following day. Talking about God's timing, a former college friend (Ryan F.) happened to be visiting Morris to go fishing with a friend from his church. They did a HUGE favor by driving Manan back with them to Minneapolis, where he would catch a bus (Mega Bus) back to Wisconsin-great discount fare ride leaving Minneapolis (35 something) compared to Alexandria (I think 70-100 something??). Praise the Lord!

The last weekend of the month, I took Adnan to Waterama for his 1st time of this annual celebration in Glenwood..

Vacation and fun is over, as I started my metal roof project on Sunday (28th), which I wouldn't complete the final project until mid-September due to missing parts that the order took awhile. Thank God that there were no serious injuries (Me-sprained my elbow after falling from an unstable ladder while working on the garage roof and hitting my roof-partner in the head with a 2x4" (3-6 inches long) in the head while throwing down foot stable platforms :( ). THANK YOU: Ed and Adnan for working together to help finish this meaningful project!

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