Sunday, December 9, 2012

Gratitude: October 2012

We started the month with some nice weather (80's) in the beginning of the 1st week. I took advantage of the nice weather on the 2nd by cleaning my gutters. I did many other house projects (e.g. indoor) as I was targeting my goal to finish before I left for my big trip next month to the Philippines. I've been working on my basement most of the week after work and needed to take a break Satuday evening, so I attended the 1st "newest" fellowship gathering called "Journey". It was awesome! It was like a praise-worship concert in a intimate environment (lights were off) and they had a great fellowship ("goodies") time afterwards. ..

The 2nd weekend, I went to a friend's bonfire at his backyard. It was a great evening to be outside in this fall weather. I had a great time "fellowshiping" with other friends there too. The following day, I had to get up early to visit my friend at Moose Lake, which another friend joined me for his first time. I enjoy the "fellowship" during the 4 hour ride to and from. It was nice to have someone tag along in this long drive.

It's that time of the year, so I did some raking on the 15th as most of the leaves has fallen in my front yard. I would get a homemade apple pie from another "friend", which was so thoughtful of her.

I had a "miracle" (answer to prayer) that happened to me on Thursday, October 18th! It might not be considered a "miracle" for others, but this was for me! As you know, I like taking pictures-videos for my blog here and websites. I lost one of the three batteries for my digital camera. Well, it came in a bad time because I was heading to my 2-week trip to the Philippines and didn't want to spend more money on buyging another one. I decided to just take the 2 batteries I already had for the trip. I was riding my bike and somehow I decided to look down in the ground by my stairs (side of my house) and saw my battery laying there! It's been through some rain storms and was able to "survive"! It "bulked-up" (fattened) a little, but was able to fit in my camera and work!...Praise the Lord!

I went to the cities the 3rd weekend to help my brother and wife move some stuff. It was a great family time! On my way back, I dropped by Menards in Alexandria to pick-up two kitchen cabinets to help finish my basement apartment.

It was such a nice fall day at work, so took out the tricycle to give some clients rides during my lunch noon hour. I was trying to "take advantage" of the last remaining beautiful fall weather before winter comes.

I have been so busy finishing my basement that I haven't had the opportunity to visit Jane Addams (Tuesdays at UMM's Imholte Hall) this semester much. It was good to visit (23rd), which was a unique time as MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) was in town to do a "story" of our group. They have been traveling around the area (e.g. Fargo) doing stories of how the growing "Spanish-speaking" community is assimilating in these parts of the state-country.

I attended "Journey" the last Saturday of the month and was thankful for a "friend" that went to for the first time was "touched". He was so touched, he asked me if he could go to church with me the following day. What makes this awesome is that his family are not regular church goers as they probably just go only during the holidays. His family was open for him to come with me to my local church the following Sunday.

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