Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Gratitude: June 2012

I started the month by playing tennis later in the evening because the weather was too hot earlier in the day. I played with a couple of friends of mine as we worked on our power serve!

The first week of the month started with some graduation open houses, which I did my special photography to create a personal photo card to some graduates...


On my way to my 2nd open house on Saturday out in the country (going to Alberta area), I accidentally hit a pheasant that was walking across the highway. It was my 2nd time I've hit this type of rural prairie bird. This time, I didn't suffer any damage (grill was smashed in my old Chevy Blazer many years ago, which happened also out in the country going to Fergus Falls). I it thought it would be a waste to just leave it sitting on the middle of the highway, so I decided to go back and bring it home. I decided to cook it that night as it's fresh "meat" (see photos)! I googled online on how to cook it and ate some of it that night!'s ok.. I would eat more later in the week, which I wished I cooked some wild rice next time.

After another graduation open house the following day (Sunday, June 3rd 2012), I worked more on my basement. I spent close to 3 hours on setting-up the kitchen sink.

On, Monday, June 4th, a high school buddy of mine had his 2nd baby. Congrats dude!

Summer is usually quiet at our weekly ESL/GED classes at the local elementary school. But, with the help of the recently newly formed Jane Adams-they connected us with their students that were attending this past school year. Since the 1st week of June, we've been getting students from the local dairy farm each week!

The 1st Kiwanis Talent Show of the month was on Thursday, June 7th. I decided to try something new this year by taking pictures and videos of this great community event. I planned on going each week no matter how busy I am as I wanted to be consistent. There are so many people that miss this event week by week and it'll be nice to have a place where they can watch what they missed each week....

I was able to play the 2nd game for my softball team after the show, which I would end up batting 2 for 3 (2 singles,1 run).

It's been so hot lately that I decided to mow late in the evening on Friday after work. I then treated myself by going swimming at the local fitness center as my way to relax after a long week.

For the second weekend, I took a couple of friends (Eric & Kazu) to Douglas County for this "Dairy" event (invited by an active volunteer of our weekly ESL/GED classes) ..

We took advantage of being in the county by checking out Carlos State Park, which I've never been there myself. It was "ok", which I thought would be more fun if I had kids.

Then as we down back to Alexandria, we last minute decided to check out Casey's Amusement Park..

On the following Sunday that same weekend, the weekly "Spanish-speaking" church had a bilingual service..

It was great event to unite both church congregations for the Morris Evangelical Free Church. They had a potluck prior to the service, which was a great fellowship time. Unfortunately, there were not many folks from the "Spanish-speaking" church during the potluck. However, as you in the video above, it was a great turnout for the service.

I went 2 for 3 again on my softball game on Tuesday, June 12th. I'm averaging 1 game a week only as I told the team that I want to play just a reserve due to my accident last year. However,I get tempted to want to play more, but trying to play it safe.

"A couple of friends performed a great worship song"

I went to the cities the 3rd week of this month to help my dad around the house. He's reaching that age that's hard for him, so I helped him with tearing down an old exercise bike and little erands around the house. It was good father-son time with it being Father's Day weekend. The following day, we took my dad out for dinner (Grand Buffet-Chinese food), but he ended up paying for all of us without us knowing!

I then went geo-caching for the 1st time since a long time! My sister and her b.f. invited me to join them in West St. Paul. I was able to do my other hobby of photography as I took scenic pictures (and videos)as we walked around the neighborhood. It was getting very cloudy, so we started to head to our vehicle and got a little showered. This was nothing compared to what was to to come later on.

That same day going back home to Morris (while listening to the longest game so far at Target Field-15 innings), I ran into some "turbulence". I drove through a storm between Pope and Stevens County....

I started the 4th weekend of the month by playing baseball (hitting, fielding, and catching) with some buddies (Chris & Kazu). It was fun to enjoy a Friday night.


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