Sunday, November 21, 2010

Gratitude: Didn't fall on my butt

I'm grateful that I didn't fall on my "butt" this morning on the slippery ice on my way to church. I woke up this morning (Sunday, November 21st 2010) expecting an inch or so of snow as it was forecasted last night. It was still green but wet outside. Well, due to recent yard work, my sidewalk was covered with dirt and gravel. Thus, I didn't realize how slippery it wasn't until later. I was putting up signs for my local church as I "try" to regularly every Sunday morning in Morris, Minnesota. When I was just close to finish crossing the street, I slipped and landed forward on the church sign. I'm just grateful that I didn't slip backwards and fall on my "butt". I guess it could've been worse-hitting the back of my head. I'm just thankful to God that He was watching me.

I started to write this after attending an evening church service (in Spanish at the Morris Evangelical Free Church) where they had a special service. They had folks come up to the mike to share about what they are thankful-grateful to God for. I guess, I could've shared this too! I also was inspired to write this as part of my daily share I plan to have on my facebook status as we head to Thanksgiving this week. I chose this particular subject after finding this video (down below) during my nightly "ritual" of reading-watching news online before going to bed.

I'm just thankful that I live in Morris and wasn't part of the minor-major crashes back in my hometown. My thoughts and prayers for those involved with the 370 reported crashes. Especially my prayer for the love ones of the one fatality. My slip this morning was very minor compared to many accidents. I guess it's all perspective on how we should be thankful to God for no matter what circumstances one goes through in a daily basis.


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